Do you love wine and you are planning on visiting the northern part of Italy? Come on board as we take you through some of the best wines you would find in that region.

Barolo Wines

In Barolo, you will find Piemonte, Barbera, and Barbaresco. These three towns are renowned for their long history in producing some of the best wines. Some of the best wines from northern Italy are brewed in Piemonte, and because of its closeness with France, the region makes some of the most powerful red wines. Wines from Barolo are made from the Nebbiolo grapes and are classified as DOCG (whatever that means). Wines from Barolo are characterized by a unique sour taste due to their special vineyard soils, their micro-climate, and their talented winemakers. Their wines are mixed with a blend of tasteful tars, roses, violets, herbs, tobacco, raspberry and various other special ingredients.

Their wines are usually strong while they are young; you cannot drink them then as they kick with vigor. So, they reach their peak once they get older. The wines are best after 10-12 years of brewing, so if you are into classic wine collection, you need to stop by at Barolo and gather their wines as they are good for long-term aging. Over the years, “New school” winemakers are now in the business of making tasty Barolo wines that will fit into the international style. Their wines no longer need to age that long as they can now be enjoyed after a few years. This place holds the record for the most expensive wines in Italy as their wine producers are top-notch.

Pinot Grigio Wines

Apart from its beautiful coastline and historic opera houses, Venice is also known for making some of the best wines in northern Italy. The Pinot Grigio wines another of Italy’s renowned winemakers are based in the region of Friuli Venezia-Giulia. This is where all the Pinot Grigio from Italy are produced. The Pinot Grigio is very popular around the globe especially in America and has never stopped to amaze wine lovers of the old.

Other remarkable winemakers from this region are the Russiz Superiore. Ruiz brew wines in the zone of Collio Goriziano which is usually called the “Collio”. The Collio are purezza wines (wines made from 100% single grape varietal) are they are very delicious. Russiz is versatile as they produce dozens of wines, but one of their best product is the Pinot Grigio 2009. You should try out this wine, you will be amazed at what the Collio region can produce with the Grigio grape. Russia’s Pinot Grigio wine is one of the best Italian Pinot Grigio wine you can find in the northern region.

Just one sniff of the Russiz Pinot Grigio will convince you of its goodness. The wine is made with tasty young red apples, carnation flowers, and Bosc pears. With just one sip, you will fall in love with the wine. The aroma fills up your space and that exquisite taste of tart lime and honeydew melon blends well with meat and small chops.