Why the Milan Fashion Week Should be on a Travel Itinerary

If you love everything to do with fashion and are one of those people who like to stay in style with the current season and trend, then the Milan Fashion Week is a must attend. You will love the city and the glamorous fashion lifestyle of the nation that brings some of the most beautiful tailorings to the rest of the world. Make sure that you plan your trip on the dates of the fashion week festival to get the best of both worlds.

The Tailored Show of Style

The fashion industry has a few hand-picked fashion weeks that stand tall and boast a proud face. This fashion week is one of the top four fashion weeks around the world. The first fashion week in Milan was established in 1958. The event takes place semi-annually and has separate events for men and women. The event is usually organized by The National Chamber of Italian Fashion every year. The other fashion weeks that can only closely rival the Milan Fashion Week is the London, Paris and New York ones.

The event happens in September, February, January and in June. The very streets of Milan become the ramp for the models to display their catwalk and for designers to showcase their work. Different types of fashion are featured at the events and for men and women alike. To be able to go to any of the private shows that are hosted as part of the Milan Fashion Week you will be able to attend it only if you have an invitation in hand. Otherwise, the show is open at the outdoor events for the public to attend. Even if you don’t want to spend all your time at the Fashion Week, you can even sneak in for a quick peek before you head out. The men’s fashion is showcased in September and June while the women’s show is in the Fall and Winter months.

The Venue and Designers

The shows usually take place anywhere in Milan where you can find cobblestone streets. Several shows are private and individual as well. Most of the shows that take place outside are in historic locations. The independent ones take place inside showrooms and studios. The famous historic landmarks for the show are at the Piazza Duomo, and the Castello Sforzesco courtyard is centuries old are beautiful places where the show is on display. What better way for a fashion enthusiast to get a glimpse of fashion and get to visit some historic locations in all its splendid glory.

Expect to find famous designers such as Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, John Richmond, Missoni, Prada, Versace, Armani and the likes at the Milan fashion week. You are in for the treat of your life if you choose to visit during the Milan Fashion Week dates. However, ensure that you have your tickets booked well in advance. There is a massive demand for the dates and people book their flight and stay tickets several months in advance to make it.