Tuscan Honeymooners – Top Places to Plan A Honeymoon

Talk about romance and honeymoon vacations and cross-reference that with the European continent, and it is definite that a lot of people would point out Paris as the ultimate destination. While it is true that the city of love really lives up to its name, there are several amazing contenders in Tuscany that you might want to consider first before booking your honeymoon. Here are some of them:

Villa San Michele

The city of Florence is home to numerous locations where couples can spend a romantic honeymoon. One of these is Villa San Michele, a reconstructed 15th-century Franciscan monastery. The villa is surrounded by the sights and aromas of Tuscan gardens. There is also an outdoor heated swimming pool with a cascading waterfall. Aside from the beautiful view of the villa’s gardens, the rooms are also elegantly directed. From the villa, you can explore Florence’s museums, boutiques, and fine dining restaurants.

Pienza City

If you and your special someone are fans of Renaissance history and culture, then you can consider the city of Pienza. The city is regarded as an “ideal city” that is built according to the aesthetic values of the Renaissance. Aside from its architectural appeal, the city is also beautifully situated geographically, in the south of Siena in the Val d’Orcia. In addition to the spectacular drive to the town, the panoramic view from its vantage of the surrounding areas of the Val d’Orcia is an absolute treat. The city was also the premier location of Zeffirelli’s film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

Il Pellicano

The luxury resort of Il Pellicano would be the best choice for couples who want to spend their honeymoon with a fantastic view of the sea. The resort offers top services for their guests who wish to maximum relaxation in their vacation. Some of these include top-of-the-line guest rooms, beautiful gardens, a European spa, and restaurants offering delicious cuisine. The hotel is located along the Porto Ercole and is a 90-mile drive from Rome. There are also many nearby attractions that you can visit while staying at the hotel such as the Maremma Nature Park, 17th-century Spanish forts, and Etruscan and Roman ruins.

Terrazza Mascagni

In the city of Livorno, if you are looking for a topping of romance in your holiday, choose the Terrazza Mascagni. It is a lovely square made up of black and white checker-board tiles overlooking the view of the sea and the vast sky. The terrace was named after Livornese composer Pietro Mascagni. The 8,700 square meter chessboard is separated from the sea with a balustrade made of 4,000 columns. The terrace’s site was once the Forte dei Cavalleggeri, a defensive structure that was dismantled during the nineteenth century. They also built a gazebo for orchestras and their musical performances.


A romantic getaway in the Tuscan countryside can be a fantastic experience while staying in the L’Andana. Indulge in the luxurious service, breathtaking scenery, and mouth-watering cuisine that the villa has to offer. Before being transformed into a charming countryside inn, the L’Andana was formerly the hunting lodge of Leopold II, Duke of Tuscany. Surrounding the property’s main buildings are olive groves and vineyards whose products are used in the inn’s restaurant. During your stay, you can do some sunbathing, golfing, and wine-tasting. The inn also offers baking and cooking classes.