Touring Through The 13th Century Town of Assisi – Part 1

Assisi is a medieval small town in Umbria, having around 25,000 people perched on a hill which is situated at the heart of Italy.  It holds religious, artistic, and historical significance thereby making it famous. Being the birthplace of St. Francis, makes Assisi the most important place helping enrich the visitor’s experience.

Why Visit Assisi Italy

There is something exceptional about these medieval towns in Italy. Visiting Assisi, you will observe that the hills are hugging towns very tightly. There is something beautiful that may be regarded larger than life making Assisi in Italy appear inviting. There are rugged stone buildings and cobblestone lanes, and enough places to have a leisurely pace. You can listen to the bells of ‘The Basilica’ church, going ding-dong in the distance. The simplicity of this peaceful town offers peace of mind, and a strong religious heritage can be felt. The residents living here are proud and happy to be residing in Assisi as every corner is etched with beautiful details. The scenic surrounding and narrow lanes, compel the photographer within. There is something beautiful about every church you come across, and this holds good with all the fountains too.

About Assisi

The most famous among the Umbrian towns, Assisi, is perched on a hill, in Italy. It relates to a 12th-century monk, St. Francis, who brought a religious revolution. For the past 700 years, this town is viewed by Italians as an essential pilgrimage destination.  There are Assisi attractions to fall in love with; visitors will be overwhelmed by the mesmerising beauty of this beautiful town. At every turn, the beauty of nature will make you feel alive and awaken your senses.

Where is Assisi

Assisi is located in the Perugia Province in the Umbrian region of Italy. Taking a drive to Assisi from Rome takes around 2 hours. A two-hour ride from Rome in a rental car will give you a little understanding of what you will be experiencing at Perugia Assisi. On the way, you will witness the beauty of gorgeous places; one preferred stop is Civita di Bagnoregio. You can also consider taking a train from Rome to Assisi. Trains are running directly to Assisi which may include a stop. The travel time may be around 2 to 2.5 hours. Arriving at the Assisi station, you can take a bus to the hill up.

What You Will Witness in Assisi Italy

People visit Assisi owing to its historical background, and it has plenty of things, that revolve around churches, monasteries, and cathedrals. Those who have a firm rooting in the catholic faith should consider visiting many of the revered places in Assisi. A list of the most important places to visit are:

  • Assisi monastery and the Basilica San Francesco
  • Temple of Minerva
  • Cathedral of San Rufinow
  • Rocca Maggiore, a picturesque castle
  • Santa Chiara, the gothic church
  • Fountains, Gorgeous piazzas, a bit of shopping
  • Wander around the alleys and little lanes
  • Santa Maria Degli Angeli (this is revered as the death place of St. Francis)