It’s one of the things that makes many people long to visit the beautiful city of Venice: the photos. With the number of striking places in this city, it’s hard to take a bad photo. Still, if it’s hard to pick, this list is here to help. Presenting: the most beautiful photo spots in Venice that you need to take a memorable shot of your holiday.

St. Mark’s Square

In Italian, St. Mark’s Square is called Piazza San Marco. It’s a famous spot in the city and is brimming with photo opportunities. There’s the church of course, but if you want to get a unique shot you can go even further.

The bell tower in the square is a great detail to focus on. There’s the backdrop of the city to frame it. You can also climb to the top of the tower itself and use it as a spot to get a vantage point of the whole city. At sunset, or early in the morning, are both great times to capture a good photo.

Even more picturesque is Caffe Florian in the square. Doubling as both a spot to take pictures and somewhere you can take a drink, this hidden spot is not the easiest to find so it’s normally not crowded.

The chairs lined up outside the bar, or even the beautiful marble tiles, are just some of the possibilities for composing the perfect photo of the cafe and bar. Taking photos is hard work so refresh yourself with an Italian espresso or cake when you’re done.

St. Maria of Salute Basilica

A minor basilica, the St Maria of Salute church has an interesting backstory. The survivors of a plague built it to give thanks for being saved in the 17th century. Titian has 12 paintings in this holy spot, but the best part about it is the view.

This is the perfect photo spot in Venice for the views it gives. Walk past the basilica, and there’s an open expanse where you can look across the water. Few places in Venice give a wide shot this beautiful. After you put the camera down, soak up the atmosphere of the city and enjoy the stunning view.

The “Hands” statue

Also known as the Support Statue, there’s a giant pair of hands sculpted by Lorenzo Quinn that makes for one of the top photo spots in Venice. The hands appear to reach out of the waters of Venice and hold onto a building. This is a modern sculpture and very new, so it’s a great contrast to the old-world sensibilities that make Venice famous.

Quinn completed it in 2017, and the sculpture, which appears to hold up the Ca’Sagredo Hotel, has been a great Venetian photo feature since then. In addition to being a beautiful piece of art, it carries an important message. The creator was concerned about climate change and used the statue to symbolize humans’ ability to both create and destroy.