The Best Coffee and Wifi Spots To Visit in Siena, Italy

Italy is known for having some of the best coffee in the world. No trip to Italy would be complete without taking a sweet pause out of your day to enjoy a little downtime at one of the local coffee and wifi spots. Siena, a small medieval town in Tuscany, has quite a few cozy places for tourists and locals who are looking for something a bit more welcoming than a traditional Italian bar.

If you are like me, you are looking for a place to kick your feet up after a long day of exploring italian culture or you just want to relax and enjoy a nice espresso while using free wifi to play a serious hand, there are plenty of great spots in the city for doing so. Here are some of the best coffee and wifi spots to visit in Siena, Italy.

Caffe Nannini

If you want to taste some of the most delicious pastries in town and sip excellent coffee, visiting Caffe Nannini, a Sienese institution for coffee, is a must. Sienese sweets are not famous worldwide, but once in town, you must try them. Caffe Nannini offers breakfast foods, lunch, and sweets such as chocolate, honey, cakes, and more. This is a lovely cafe where you can sit and just take in the breathtaking views around you before getting back to the hustle and bustle of the packed streets in town.

Tea Room

If you’re not a fan of coffee, Siena hosts one of the most cozy and welcoming tea rooms of Tuscany. This bar is a beautiful place to visit, as it has vaulted ceilings and a cozy fireplace. You can relax with friends and family and enjoy live music while sipping a cup of tea and enjoying delightful sweets. If you want to relax and dine alone, that works too. The drink selections here are outstanding, and you can order any flavor of tea that you could possibly imagine. The Tea Room also offers a full bar and delicious homemade desserts. Don’t miss out on stopping in if you’re ever in the Siena area. You won’t be disappointed.

Torrefazione Fiorella

Torrefazione Fiorella

This is the most famous cafe in all of Siena. It is just the right place to start your day while visiting this medieval town. Here, you will sip on one of the best cups of coffee in all of Italy. If you love it, you have the option of buying the coffee and taking it home. Your friends and family will more than likely love it, so why not buy it for them as a nice Italian souvenir? This popular, quaint coffee shop is not only a place where you can enjoy amazing coffee, but you can order cappuccino, caffe lattes, macchiatos, and even hot chocolate. In the summer, Fiorella offers refreshing iced coffee to tourists and locals who need a breather from Siena’s hot temperatures. This coffee shop has a great central location and is the type of place you hope to find when visiting a new area. It’s affordable, friendly, and conveniently located.

Caffetteria Diacceto

This small and cozy bar at Via Diacceto is one of the favorites of locals and also of passing tourists. The coffee and cappuccino served here is impressive, as well as the kindness of the staff. As this gorgeous bar is very close to Piazza del Campo, you can frequent here to have a delicious breakfast or a nice break before dinner. One delightful thing about dining here is you have the option to dine outside at tables on the street. It is a great opportunity to people watch and take in some of the Italian culture. Caffetteria Diacceto is one of the most popular coffee spots in Siena, so you want to make sure you stop in for a visit when in Siena.

Caffetteria Diacceto

Blandis Cafe

There’s no better way to start of your day in Siena than with a delightful breakfast and strong cup of coffee from Blandis Cafe. This cafe is known for great food, reasonable prices, and delicious coffee. Blandis Cafe serves up everything from coffee and pastries to croissants and fresh Italian sandwiches. What locals and tourists alike particularly love about this place is the warm welcome you receive from the staff upon entering. They treat you just like family. If you’re visiting Siena, you want to put this place at the top of your list.


Meetlifecafe is a warm and cozy cafe that serves up great coffee, delicious sweets, and fresh sandwiches. It is a very laid back place to set back and enjoy a uniquely-designed latte or cappuccino. This cafe has been open since 1912 and is very popular with the locals. Meetlifecafe is a very lively environment with some of the best music playing at all times. It’s a great place to dine in on your lunch break or to just set and enjoy sipping some great Italian coffee.