Pork Lover’s Paradise – Enjoy The Porchettiamo Festival in Umbria

La Porchetta is Umbria’s and Central Italy’s noble street food. Generally, in the San Terenziano May festival, ‘porchettiamo‘ is consumed. It can be referred to as “Let us some roast suckling pig”, as per the Italian dictionary. Pick a summer day and head over to experience the porchetta with the locals near Todi in this hill town.

Porchetta is a dish loved by all and has a fantastic presentation which does not take much time to prepare. It is made with little effort, and the locals spice it up with variations from time to time. What is Porchetta? It is a boneless pork preparation that is unique to Italy. In its purest form, it requires a process that includes a slow roasting time. It encompasses the process of gutting the pig, rolling, and stuffing, spicing, and covering with belly fat. It is a flavorful preparation and is the best as a filling in some of the most scrumptious sandwiches.


The Lazio region where Rome is located is given credit for this fantastic pork preparation. It is said to have begun with the Porchetta recipe, and later it was followed by other regions of Italy with slight variations, based on each area.

La Porchetta

La porchetta refers to the pork roasted on the spit. It is generously seasoned with rosemary, sage, garlic, wild fennel, and panini di porchetta. The dish draws crowds to the vendor’s stalls or to their personalised moveable trucks that grace the streets, piazzas, and weekly markets all over central Italy. It can be said that at every Umbrian Fiera, La Porchetta is a regular item on the menu. It is also found on the saint’s feast day or a day before or after the feast.

The Porchettiamo Festival

This is a local festival that is dedicated to street food delicacies of the Italians. In fact, rather than Porchettiamo being termed as a festival, it is a declaration of love for tasty Italian meals, especially the porchetta.

The Porchettiamo festival is a gastronomic journey that introduces other street foods from Italy as well. This includes the Cicotto Grutti of Perugia, Lampredotto of Florence, Cannoli and Arancini of Sicily, the Pesce Strada of Trasimeno Lake, the Olive Ascolane, and Piadian of Marche. Along with the beautiful foods, come exquisite pairings of Italian craft beers, Sagrantino red wines and the porchetta sandwich in gluten-free versions.

San Terenziano

The activity that is enjoyed most in Umbria is outdoor markets. Every festival that is celebrated over weekends has an outdoor market that locals and tourists akin can enjoy. The season is in full bloom with the progress of summer, and despite the rainy, cold weather, the celebrations go on for hours. This is especially true with the festivities at San Terenziano. The small town hosts the Porchettiamo, in all its glory with its own unique outdoorsy splendour. Foodies look out for their favourite pork sandwiches, as these are the best short eats that pairs well with the Porchetta.

San Terenziano is a small regular town; however, during this festival, it livens up to feature fabulous festivities and is jazzed to impress its tourists. The festival features other stands selling some of Umbria’s best products, apart from the Porchetta. The Umbrian products that are featured include cheese from Montone or saffron. Beer made in Tuscany is also sold in bottles, and you can pick up some Porchettiamo festival memorabilia to take away with you.