Living with Scorpions – The Scorpions of Tuscany

The non-venomous scorpions found in Tuscany do sting but are only as harmful as a wasp or bee. Small, black and not more than 30mm in length, the scorpions of Tuscany, cause havoc only to people who are allergic to stings of insects. The best way to get rid of a scorpion found inside a building is to trap and release them in a faraway location.

Visiting Tuscany will be considered incomplete if you dare to leave without meeting with their invertebrae locals. Well, it’s not the ‘jump on the table when you meet these creatures’ kind of meeting, but a more unique way to connect with them because they aren’t harmful. The worst case would be that you would have to bear with a nasty sting resembling that of a bee. But it wouldn’t be as bad as needing to get yourself to a hospital for sure.

Scorpions, in general, are considered a nightmare only because of a handful of species out of 1400, being venomous. The wrong reputation comes from a poisonous bunch who are deadly. Though they do cause a reaction in a few unlucky ones, the rest are safe to touch even.

Finding a scorpion at your doorstep during the day is unlikely as they are nocturnal, but if you do want to get one in the house, you may dare to leave the door to your villa open overnight. The best way to ensure the scorpions do not venture into the privacy of your home is by keeping spiders and flies from infiltrating the premises. These insects are food to the scorpions, thereby inviting them to dine. This is precisely why you need to keep insects out by using a good pest control spray. Also, make sure to dust your clothes and bedding before you enter any house.

Knowing ways of treating scorpion stings will get you out of a lot of trouble in the rare situation that a scorpion does attack. Clean the area with soap and water, getting rid of dirt. Soothe the swelling by elevating the limb and applying a cold compress. If the pain is unbearable, you can even take some medicines for pain relief. If this does not do the trick, it is best to check in with a medical practitioner for medical help.

More About Scorpions

The species Euscorpius Alpha Caporiacco was earlier under the subspecies of E. Germanus. Different populations of the subspecies from Southern Switzerland, Southern Austria, and Northern Italy were analyzed which resulted in the knowledge of the presence of two separate forms. There was a significant genetic difference between the two ways enough to indicate the growth of the western type to a new and improved species called the E. alpha.

Separating the E. alpha and Germanus species by morphology alone is nearly impossible, however knowing the site of the collection will help tell you the species. The E. Germanus is found in the eastern side and E. alpha in the western. These two are never found overlapping in distribution. The ones found in the west are small, black and are less than 30mm in length. Located in the mountains and mostly under stones and logs, these scorpions love the high humidity conditions here. The A. alpha is primarily found in southern Switzerland and Italy. The ones found in Italy are reported to have less of venom and are harmless and also use their stingers very rarely.