Lago di Alviano Experience for Bird Lovers in Umbria

Situated outside Terni and Orvieto is the Oasis of Alviano. This is a beautiful WWF Nature Reserve and natural habitat.  Lago di Alviano in Umbria is the best place for bird watching, but don’t forget to pack the right equipment. You certainly need binoculars, an identification guide, and a notebook.

The shallow reservoir waters here, attract migratory birds, and these are the best areas for your bird watching escapade. The Alviano Lake includes the habitat of the typical freshwater wetlands. The Oasis at the lake was created in 1990, and at one time housed the wetland habitats that disappeared over 100 years ago. This is the reason that this location is an extraordinary place to visit, thanks to its lush coverage. Covering over 900 hectares, it offers unique biodiversity, property speculation and hunting. The Alviano Lake includes all habitats of freshwater wetlands such as ponds, swamps, water meadows, morass(marshes), and hygrophilous woodland; the largest in central Italy.

Umbria Regional Park is a natural reserve around here and includes the Fiorello gorges and Corbara Lake. It also houses freshwater habitats, and the reserve portion of the park comprises of farm lands. The hygrophilous woodland encompasses species such as poplars, black alders, and 30-year-old willows featuring proliferating ivies. There is rich water vegetation that is varied with large blankets of najas, Potamogeton, and Ceratophyllums.

Alviano is prominent for its opulent bird diversity: the species include Eurasian teals, mallards, great cormorants, northern shovelers, wigeons, herons, Western marsh-harriers, Eurasian bitterns, little bitterns, ospreys, glossy ibises, and spoonbills. In fact, there are many passerine species, particularly Eurasian siskins and thrushes, the red fox, the crested porcupine, the wild boar, and the European ground squirrel.

Visiting the Nature Reserve

This nature reserve is a circular trail that is easily accessible, though it may not be disable-friendly. There are two paths to follow through the reserve. The first one is 1500 meters long and is accessible easily. It is also best suited for school groups. There are observation huts along the trail offering the visitors an opportunity to see the bird population. Hiring binoculars is an option. There are an observation tower and an open-air classroom along the path.  The other trail is right smack along the swamps and river. It is ideal for nature photographers and more enthusiastic observers. There is a picnic area for visitors available at the entrance.

Flowers and Vegetation

Technically, people coming here are attracted to bird watching. However, there are plenty of local vegetation and flowers. There is a diverse mix of plants and flowers, vibrant greens, and marshy nature that allows re-connecting with nature.  The plant’s vibrant colors are visible after a rain spell, and the raindrops add texture to the plants and flowers. The air is clean, and visitors can soak up with every small detail. If you are a lover of nature and birds, it is recommended to visit the Oasi di Alviano or Lago di Alviano for a beautiful experience. You will enjoy your experience the most if you manage to catch some rainfall during your visit. Getting to the Lago di Alviano is also convenient from the towns of Umbria.