With no less than 400 islands around its coastline, Italy will surely satisfy your cravings for Vitamin Sea. Lined with white sand and paired with mesmerizing and rich sea life, vacationers flock to get a glimpse of the fascinating experience these islands have to offer. But with so many choices to select from, picking which ones to list in your itinerary might be the toughest decision to make.

Well then, to make the choice less of a hassle and more of an excitement, here’s seven of the best Italian islands you can indulge yourself in. Be Italy’s guest!

Venice might be one of the most captivating tourist spots around, but it is also one of the most crowded. If you yearn for a more secluded and peaceful vacation, worry not because Pellestrina Island is just one vaporetto ride away. It may be a little far off the coast but the cozy and mostly vacant Adriatic beach plus a feast of the freshest seafood makes it all worth it.

Panarea may be one of the tiniest Aeolian islands but it surely is the most star-studded. Bill Gates, Beyonce, you might even get a chance to walk past them on your vacay here. But even if you didn’t spot any top celebrities the islets around the island will certainly keep you busy.

If you have planned your Italy trip in May or October, you should definitely consider going to the hidden jewel that is Pantelleria. Its distinct landscape and lava cliff features separate it from the rest of the Italian islands. Try going on a wine tasting escapade while on your way to the Mirror of Venus Lake and you might find yourself revisiting the island more than once.

Escaping the hustle and bustle of the Eternal City, Ponza is one of your best go-to places for a nice rejuvenating day at the beach. With lots of friendly locals and tons of restaurants to choose from, your day will definitely be filled with seafood, seafood, and more seafood.

A luxurious island getaway or a wine tasting spree? No need to pick. Hit two birds with one stone as you make your way to the vineyard island of Salina. Indulge in Tasca D’Almerita’s Capofaro’s tasty malvasia wine as you watch the sunset in the breath-taking Tyrrhenian Sea.

The island dedicated to the God of Fire, Vulcano, is one spot you definitely don’t want to miss. Give yourself a different view with its black sand beach, therapeutic mud baths, and natural hot springs from the steaming volcano crater of Mount Etna.

Just off the coast of Sicily is one of the best and largest islands around. Lipari is perfect for diving and boating, whichever you prefer. But if you’re sick of the sea, try the land adventures instead. There are plenty of sights to see around the island like Lipari Castle, Tenuta di Castellaro, and Spiaggia Valle i Mura to name a few.