Indulge in Low-Cost Travel – Working Holiday Ideas in Umbria

The most usual cause why people shy away or get denied the opportunity to travel is because of financial reasons. Thinking about the airfare and the living expenses when travelling can easily make a lot of people hold on to their savings. However, there are definite ways that you can consider trying to have a low-cost travel experience.

If you have been dreaming about visiting Italy and experiencing the everyday lifestyle and culture of the people, why not opt for a working holiday? There are many work options that you can choose from, especially if you stay with host families in the Italian region of Umbria. Here are some examples:

Professional Dog Training Center in Perugia

If you absolutely adore animals, and especially dogs, there are families in Perugia, the capital of the Umbrian region, which open their homes to “work-away-ers”. Some of them own farm and professional dog training centers where tourists can help the families in dog training, dog education, and behavioral recovery for dogs. Tourists will also be asked to help with farm work, building and construction, as well as the maintenance of the house and the centers.

Organic Olive Oil and Horse Farming

Some families in Umbria offer their home to those who would love to experience life on a farm. They own several animals like dogs, cats, horses, chickens, rabbits, ducks and turtles. However, the farm thrives on their main livelihood of producing olive oil so tourists who seek to stay with these family could learn all about this industry. Their homes are usually located in the outskirts, so it is a little far from the bustling cities. However, if you seek some quiet time in the countryside, then these places might be perfect ones for you.

Indoor and Outdoor Tasks in the Green Heart of Italy

Some host families require their work-away tourists to be a little handier with outdoor work or have some experience in landscape gardening and construction. If you consider yourself adept at these jobs, there houses in Umbria that needs reconstruction and landscaping. The owners seek to transform their property, and you might be the right fit for reconstruction works. Workers are always welcome to explore the town and to share in delicious authentic Italian dishes after bricklaying, carpentry work, and painting houses.

Housework and Childcare

If you want to stay near the urban centers of the Umbrian region, several families offer up their home to tourists who can help out with housework and childcare. Tourists can explore the city of Perugia while helping out with their children by playing with them and chauffeuring them to their afternoon activities.

Tourists can also take the opportunity to learn more about the city and Italian culture. There are also many centers that offer Italian language lessons nearby so you can maximize your stay with the families. The hosts also express their love for trying and learning new recipes from their visitors.