One good to navigate around Italy is by train. Thankfully, Italy has a good road network that connects to every major city in Italy. Not just that, the train transport is available 24 hours every day. Other transport options available are road driving but navigating through cities in Italy can be confusing especially for a visitor. Let’s take a look at the best way to navigate major cities in Italy by train.

1. Find a Train Schedule in Italy

There are two ways to check for train schedules in Italy. The first option is the Trenitalia which is national rail service that covers most of the national routes. The second option is the Italo Terno which is the Italian speed train. You need to check each of their websites to get a comparison of prices, times and dates for arrival and departure. If you are not a native, you need to check the English language option when you visit any of their websites.

You can also search for daily routes. Also, Trenitalia offers discounts and promos on transport fare; remember to check it out the next time you want to book a ride. If you are going to a far destination, then you may need to book a Frecciarossa which is one of the fastest trains in Italy. Note that: the price for the Frecciarossa differs too.

2. Book Your Ticket

After you have seen the various train options and price tags, you need to book your train ticket. You have two options to book your ticket; you can either book online or offline at the train station. The disadvantage of booking at the train station is where it is usually crowded most times. So, you get to save time by booking online.

Also, you get to follow a particular train of your choice when you book online. Also, you can get to change your ticket if you book in advance if anything comes up and take advantage of discounts and promos. Note that if you are booking with Trenitalia, you don’t need to print out your ticket, all you need is to show your email with your PNR number to the conductor before you board the train.

3. Find Your Way to Board the Train

If you booked your ticket at the train station, then it is assumed that you have figured out a way to get to the train station already. A taxi can always take you to the train station. Once you are in the train station, you need to look for a hanging board with a list of the newest train. The board is easy to find because it is always crowded.

If you don’t find your train on the list, remain calm, because it means that you arrived earlier than the train’s scheduled time of arrival. Always look at the Arrivi which is the arrival board and the Partenze board which is the departure trains. You can also look for the train number or by the departure time.