How Spello Celebrates the Famous Corpus Christi

The town of Spello follows a firm Christian tradition on the day of Corpus Christi by covering the streets with flowers. This has been performed with devotion for decades.  When you witness the festivities, the level of artistry and its originality can be felt. However, it is not an internationally known and celebrated event.

The people of Spello work for months on end to execute the event, only to last for a few hours. Great effort and time are taken to ensure that tourists and locals enjoy the commotion, photos, and festivities during the Spello celebration.

The Feast of Corpus Christi is celebrated by the church sixty days after the Easter celebration, which is another big deal in this city. This is the most beautiful celebration held in Italy in the Umbrian town of Spello that is 15 miles to the south of Assisi. This is also a festival when the decorations on the streets aim to make the procession a huge success. The procession starts and follows through on the main church street, which forms the epicenter of the town.

The Infiorate of Spello

The ‘Infiorate‘ refers to a floral trail through the Umbrian village streets. The path is a tribute to the body of Christ that weaves through the city in the procession. The procession is also an opportunity that promotes healthy competition and aggregation between the Spello factions. The flower strip is 1.5 km long and is made of carpets highlighting a length of 12 meters, while the frameworks run for 24 square meters. A jury is set up to decide which of the flower decorations are the best and reward the artists.

Infioratori at Work

The Spello inhabitants, present a fantastic example of coordination, participation, and harmony during the course of the festivities. The thousands of participants put their best displays to the forefront, and each year there is an influx of visitors that patronize the town and the festivities. The visitors come to admire the ‘Infiorate’ making it a perfect place for some of the best photo opportunities. On the day before the feast of Corpus Christi, the route of the procession is closed right from early afternoon, so traffic does not disrupt any of the decorators. The locals work relentlessly and continue through the night. Of course, tourists and curious citizens may watch the art, and the artists unfold their creations. On Sunday morning, the protections are removed once everything is finished. The streets are covered with a polychrome carpet and perfumed with 70 ‘Infiorate’ religious themes making it ready for the sacred procession led by the Bishop of the town.


The ‘Infioratori’ teams handle all the happenings diligently and take care of every masterpiece created. The design is decided as per the road surface that is available for their work. Most of it is planned well in advance including the combination of flowers and colors to be used and the flowers to be laid along the Subasio slopes. The storage of petals and herbs, the preparation of molds and sketch, the installation of lighting for after dark activities along with the adept arrangement of vegetables and petals, in the design is considered. The hydration required to keep the vegetation from wilting while staying attached to the asphalt is an essential factor that requires careful planning and execution.

Flowery Alleys

The 2019 ‘Infiorate of Spello’ will be from the 14th to the 23rd of June.  It will take place for an entire week, and there will be Hand embroidery competitions, Flower and Cake Design competitions, night tours of the art sites and a floriculture exhibition market called the ‘Spello in Bloom’.  Throughout the event, you can see flowered balconies and colorful city attractions.