Explore The Village Town of Castles – Gualdo Cattaneo

In the central part of Umbria is the gorgeous village of Gualdo Cattaneo. The town itself has an air of medieval history attached to it. It is strategically situated on the top of the Martani Mountains on the slopes. The position gives the village a beautiful mystery and charm about it. If you are visiting Umbria then, you should consider visiting the town to soak in some of the beauty that is etched into its walls. Once you enter the gates to this ancient village, you will be greeted by an array of castles and structures that gives the town its character. For those who have visited the town in the past, they think of the place as a museum of sorts which is genuinely extraordinary and adds to the character of the area. 

Taking A Tour Through Town

In the center of the village is the castle of Gualdo. The central point of the square looks at the fortress of the castle. The underground is connected with the castle walls too. From here on, visitors will be able to notice the Castle of Pozzo. This is a castle if you love nature and want to catch some sights of ancient olive trees. The entire castle overlooks Puglia and is surrounded by the lush olives. The layout and historical planning that has been put into the castle of Pozzo gives medieval history lovers are treat that they would love. 

Other castles that are worth visiting here are the Cisterna Alta, Saragano, Marcellino, Ceralto, Barattano, the famous St. Terenziano castle and the Towers castle. These are only a few castles to mention that are found in this quaint town. The 12th to 14th-century relics are a great reflection of Umbria’s medieval tradition. Right from the gorgeous Umbrian holm oaks that grow around the Ceralto castle to the frescoes on the walls of the Barattano castle, the town is a mix of art and beauty.

Festivals in the village

During the Christmas time of year, most of the town is decked to spread the cheer. The living nativity scene installation at the Marcellano castle is one of the best and is most famous. There are traditional life-sized artifacts that are scattered throughout the town, and there are installations that are dedicated to the Christmas time of year. Traditional foods and figures grace the streets for tourists and the locals to enjoy. While other festivities are celebrated throughout the village. The best time to visit is Christmas-time of year.

Ancient processing techniques of the village are displayed throughout the town and workshops have much in store for the medieval enthusiast, hot wine and spiced wine are some of the delicacies that are famous here during the time. There is a peaceful air that surrounds the entire village. For visitors who wish to really enjoy the Christmas celebrations with little traffic and more of medieval history and originality, this is the place to be and visit.