Touring Through the 13th Century Town of Assisi – Part 2

Assisi, located in the St. Francis Basilica features countryside walks, towns, and trattorias, besides little churches.  Assisi is a fantastic place to visit in the lovely Umbrian hilltown, and it has plenty and more to experience. Touring this 12th-century town of Assisi means one will realise that Assisi is the […]


Touring Through The 13th Century Town of Assisi – Part 1

Assisi is a medieval small town in Umbria, having around 25,000 people perched on a hill which is situated at the heart of Italy.  It holds religious, artistic, and historical significance thereby making it famous. Being the birthplace of St. Francis, makes Assisi the most important place helping enrich the […]


The Italian Adventure For The Disabled Traveler

Italy is a traveller’s treasure; it is highly impossible for one to not fall in love with this place. It is understood that when Italy comes to mind, visitors are overwhelmed by the wonderfulness of the culture, the people, the place, and the food. Italian adventure may not win medals […]


The Corsa dei Ceri de Gubbio – The Most Important Festa in Italy

Italian festivals mostly rely on historical events, and they include processions where people are dressed in costumes belonging to a different era. There are flag-throwers, fireworks, food, and contests between neighbouring towns. Summer is the festival season and people travelling to Italy in summer may find promotion posters of the […]