Traveling by scooter would be a wonderful scenic way to see some great countryside in Italy. A wonderful place to ride a scooter is in Sicily where you can see the majestic Mount Etna and the sparkling blue Mediterranean Sea. Sicily has scooters for hire, but you need to be sure to plan far in advance to ensure you can reserve a good one. It is also wise to stick to the speed limit and obey all the traffic rules while using the transportation.

When traveling by scooter, it is best to avoid busy highways and stick to the back roads that wind through quaint Italian villages and beautiful scenery. You will see more that way and are less likely to get into an accident. One can visit some interesting seaside towns and villages by scooter, for example San Lorenzo and Marzamemi.


A great place to travel by scooter is through the region of Tuscany. You can travel on your own or join an organized scooter tour with a guide. If you choose a guided scooter tour, they may also teach you how to ride a scooter if you have never done so before. You can start out from Florence and travel past such sights as Piazza Michelangelo which affords gorgeous view of the city of Florence. Another sight to take in is the Church of San Miniato al Monte which is a beautiful basilica located in Florence.

Traveling through Tuscany is a worthwhile scooter trip as you will pass vineyards, olive groves and gorgeous villas. Another tour through Tuscany takes you through the country roads of Chianti. The Chianti region is where the famous Chianti wine is made. Be prepared to experience beautiful countryside!


A good way to see much of the ancient architecture of Rome is by scooter. You can rent a scooter in Rome and there are guided groups of private tours or you can travel by yourself. There are many famous historic buildings that you can visit in Rome, such as the Imperial Forum and the Colosseum. There is also the Piazza Venezia which has the Vittoriano monument. They also offer night tours of Rome if you are looking for a more romantic sightseeing trip.

A great way to see Naples is to take the highly recommended Napolin-Vespa tour. You can opt for a private 4.5-hour tour guide through the city of Naples. There are also food tours where you can take a scooter and visit different neighborhoods to sample the cuisine at various eateries.


For the fabulous views of the coast of Italy, you can embark on a private tour of the Amalfi coast, leaving from Sorrento. There are also many UNESCO world heritage sites that you can see on this trip. Sorrento is a town that has beautiful views of the bay of Naples. Guided scooter tours are quite reasonably priced and are very popular in Italy. There are few better ways to visit and experience Rome, Naples, and Tuscany than on a scooter.