Experience nature unleashed before you; explore it and it will be an unforgettable experience for you. Much could have been written already about this Umbria – and how wonderful the place is to be. But trust me it not all there is to it. In fact, much more are even yet to be exploring on how rich and vast this city has been blessed in areas concerning nature. It’s a place where you will experience nature at its best. Its Italy heartland, deeply rich in arts and with its fascinating beauty that covers its towns. Most often, when the issue of best places is raised and needed to be answer, one could not but quickly suggest the best places to be the usual tourist centres, city or town in that area where one could undoubtedly find comfort without limits. Well, it may astonish you to discover that the case here is just different. The reason being that every place here is virtually good to be; it is just worthy of exploration. Here are places, characterized by beauty and full of nature where you might want to stay in Umbria:

  • Orvieto – Orvieto is Umbra’s most beautiful place to stay. It is a loving town nobody will be in a hurry to leave should the opportunity be granted to stay. There is a magnificent cathedral that is located there the building was built during the 14th century. It is worthy to explore the beauty and glory of this wonderful building.
  • Castiglione del Lago – here, in Castiglione del Lago, there is much places for viewing. Places where you can’t help but just be amaze at what you will see. From observation occasioned by some researches, Umbria is probably a country predominantly dominated by Christians. Also, while visiting Castiglione del Lago, watch out for this interesting historic church called San Guillerno, the beautiful garden of aquatic plants designed in the year 1959. And much more attractive places; it is located on the shores.
  • Assisi – located few distance eastward in Umbria capital, Assisi is an interesting spot for viewing. This fascinating place could be drawn due to the fact that it housed the great basilica di San Francesco, built in the year 1228 and 1253 in reverence to the most Saint Francis. Also, the temple of Minerva is a captivating place to visit when in Assisi. The temple was built by Romans in the 21st century.
  • Torgiano – don’t yet settle with those afore mentioned places yet. I know it might look as if am flattering; but that is farther away from the truth. There is yet, another place unexplored that I want you to look out for. But what makes this place unique? You might ask. Well, Torgiano is a place surrounded by an innumerable numbers of olives groove and vibe yards; clearly passing the indication that wine making is the hallmark of their occupation. That is the central occupation that the settlers there have. In addition to that, it is a good place to catch the attractive glimpse of a great city of Baglioni Tower.