Despite the fact that Rome offers many thousands of sights to see, it’s always refreshing to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a day or two and just enjoy the other side of Italy. Fortunately, the country offers a wide array of day tours you can venture out to anytime. Read on below for a few of the many options worthy of a day trip out of the Eternal City.

Day Trip to Tivoli

For the price of three euros and a one-hour train ride from Rome, you can get to experience Lazio and its many ancient wonders. Go out and see the historic Hadrian’s Villa, Emperor Hadrian’s go-to place when he wanted an escape from the capital, and wonder at the columns, floors, and general structure of ancient times. Another sight to see is the 16th-century marvel, Villa d’Este. The splendid villa complete with gorgeous gardens and fountains was constructed by Pope Alexander VI’s grandson. There are also plenty of luxurious villas you can visit around the small town that still maintain their beauty up to this day.

Castelli Romani

Venturing out of Rome for delicious and authentic Italian food trips is always a worthy journey. Castelli Romani offers not only the best setting for a foodie’s trip but also one of the richest culture-filled tours. At Barrique at Poggio le Volpi located inside the barrel room of Poggio Le Volpi winery, visitors can taste the creative masterpieces of Chef Oliver Glowig, such as cacio e pepe pasta with sea urchin, scampi crudo with artichoke hearts and burrata, and pork with celery and cherries soaked in Armagnac. Complete the experience with a selection of famous French champagnes and you’re good to go.


If you’re in for some history lessons, head to Necropoli di Banditaccia, aka the City of the Dead, in Cerveteri. The city is not your average go-to place for a relaxing vacation though. With all the circular grass-topped tombs known as tumuli, the perimeter is both scary and mesmerizing. Adrenaline junkies who want more to adventure than the regular sightseeing tour will surely want to try and visit here. You can come by car which is about a 35km-drive north of Rome, or just take the regular city buses if that’s your style.


Ostia Antica

Be transported back into ancient Rome as you walk the streets of Ostia Antica, which was once Rome’s port city. It may be a little hassle to commute to this place since getting there means taking a different train than the national system. A commuter’s guide: simply get on the metro line B and get off the Piramide metro stop. Ask for directions to the Roma Porta San Paolo train station and just take any train to Ostia Antica. The view, though, is all worth the hassle! The town’s ruins, which were well-preserved, are still complete with restaurants, a forum, and even bars. Step back into time and live like an ancient Roman.