With much being said already about Umbria, it’s certain that it has watered your appetite. There is an urgent passion and a longing to see even if it is for just a while to have a glimpse of the glory of that which has been the talk of the moment for some time now. Umbria is a city rich in history and culture. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that it is a quintessence of cultural heritage. With its cultural heritage, irrespective of its size, it keeps traces of its cultural record. It has been described as the Umbria of “green”, “saint”, and of “warriors”; yet, all those phrases only belittled its extravagant nature of this great city. In Italy, immediately following Tuscany in terms of beautiful places is Umbria. As a result of its tourist centre and places, it’s mostly likely that much people will be trooping in and out to have a glimpse of the city’s glory. Yet, surprisingly, it remained the same -not overcrowded. Here are things to see in Umbria.

  • One interesting places to visit is the Perugia casa Del Cioccolato founded in the Back by Perugina factory in Perugia, Italy. This place is meant mainly for visitors who want to explore the wonderful city. For viewing or discovery this “Land of chocolate”, will throw you into the sea of amazement. You will be opportune to learn about this “magical product” from the best in chocolate in this part of this world.
  • You will be blown away also at the sight of Assisi – a UNESCO world heritage – listed Basilica do San Francesco (Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi). These is still much more to expect from this city in Umbria. Within a few walks tour, the experience gotten from those sites viewing places or centre is just something that no one can in a hurry to forget. And this is one beauty also experience-it is still refreshed in the memory.
  • Organic winey – explore an organic winey such one of the best in the entire world. It will afford you the opportunity to know the production process as you meet one of the family members of the winey who will explain the whole process to you. Normally, while visiting this winey, the visit begins in the vineyards the cultivation process will be explain before it will be further buttressed on in the winey.
  • One other amazing thing about this place is the fact that it is a home for the ancient virgin olive tree. The olive trees that produces the olive oil is located at the Spoleto owned and controlled by a family where olives are drawn using mainly the amazing old millstone extraction method. Although this method has been outdated, and is replaced with a more mechanized and advanced method, its sight will bring to mind and keep afresh the memories of having the other millstone initially.
  • There is a place called Piazza Grande (The Big Square) is the centre of this town. This is where you may start out your exploration of this great place. Then it equally has other principal monuments like the “Palazzo Dei Consolidated, Palazzo del Capitol, the cathedral and the church of Santana Maria Dei Service”. These and many more is what to watch out in your visit to Umbria.