A Guide to Parking in Umbria’s Famous Towns – Rental Car Guides for Holidays

Umbria is propagated as ‘Italy’s Green Heart’. It is focused mainly on agriculture and greenery is everywhere, besides, the place is sparsely populated in comparison to Tuscany, its western neighbour. Umbria houses the largest lakes in Italy that cannot reach the Mediterranean. There are plenty of historic towns and exciting things to discover, besides sipping the Sagrantino, the unique Umbrian wine. Apart from the cuisine and the location, there are exciting lodging places as well. If you love the thought of staying and dining at a B&B rural area, there is always an ideal place to stay.

Umbrian cuisine is delightful as the foods change with each season. The dishes are highly prized, and all the information that you wish to know about the food and its traditions are offered to you. With all these attractive features you cannot afford to park in the wrong places at the famous towns of Umbria.

A Simple Guide to Parking

  • Blue parking spaces indicate you must pay for it. The areas of parking have a P sign written on it at the spot, or it may direct you to a place having the P sign.
  • Find the ‘Machinetta’ to pay for parking. The ‘Machinetta’ or parking machine is a self-servicing machine. You may use coins if required. Searching for a Machinetta may be frustrating at times, but note that they are mostly positioned on a grey column featuring a ‘P’ sticker.
  • The prices may vary with each place, so you may add money until the approximate time to leave is shown by the display unit.
  • Push the green button in the machine and collect the ticket. On receiving the ticket place it on the dashboard so that it is apparent to the parking police.

Note:  Do not park in any limited space. Secondly, if you do not find any Machinetta featuring blue lines go to the nearest bar and check if they are selling tickets for parking.

A few famous places in Umbria and their parking details:

Deruta: The ceramics museum is a great place you must visit, and you can park outside the town gate in the parking spaces. You can drive through following the signs. If these parking spaces are full, you can find a bigger lot down the road across.

Perugia:  The parking lot is at the Madonna Alta exit and near the Mini Metro station. You can get a ticket there. The parking is free here.

Spoleto:  Parking is difficult in the town. There are many one way streets adding to the difficulty. Try the Piazza Liberta that is located in the tourist office, and use the Machinetta there.

Assisi: Assisi always receives tourists and is overwhelmingly full during summer. Proceeding through Santa Maria Degli Angeli to the top, there is a turn reaching the Piazza entrance and a big parking lot. This parking lot is a covered parking area, and also features restrooms. You can buy a parking ticket here. There is another public parking lot towards the right as well.

Todi: Parking in Orvietano is possible by taking the elevator to the town top. In case you do not find parking here, there is one at Piazza Garibaldi and some public parking at the front of the San Fortunato church.