Just about everyone loves pizza. And why wouldn’t they? It’s one of the world’s can’t-live-without foods. Right now, someone somewhere is eating a thick slice of that cheesy dough with different flavored toppings and after that will still be craving for more.

But there’s more to pizza than meets the eye. In Italy, where this delicious dish was born, there are hundreds and thousands of pizza varieties that will make your mouth water. Here is a guide to the many types of authentic Italian pizza.

Pizzas in Naples

Naples is where people’s pizza cravings began. The most popular and widely produced pizza type around the globe, Pizza Napoletana, has a nice soft texture with a fine crusty edge and thin dough, perfect for eating on the go.

Baked at 900°F and skillfully perfected by a master pizzaiolo, this type of pizza has been the reference for all other forms of pizzas. The Neapolitan eventually evolved into varieties that are quite similar to the original. You can get this juicy stuff at Pizzeria La Notizia or 50 Kalo near Naples.

Another innovation on the classic pizza is Pizza Fritta, a deep-fried dough with a rich ricotta, salami, and tomato filling. It took a while for people to accept the chewy goodness of pizza fritta, but eventually, people started to love the creativeness of this greasy, but sumptuous pizza.

If you don’t like the fried type of pizza, you can always have calzone at Da Attilio. It may not be your typical flat pizza, but it’s still a pizza nonetheless. Think of it as a pizza folded on top of itself, with all the sweet fillings loaded in between.

Pizzas in Rome

The Roman-styled Pizza Al Taglio, which means “by the cut”, is sold as its name suggests, perfect for getting just the amount you want. You walk into pizza parlors such as Pizzarium and Pizzeria Angelo e Simonetta, both in Rome, and pick out which one you like best. You then tell the server how much of the whole you want to be cut off and then pay the pizza cut by weight. The only issue may be getting too many different types.

Trapizzino, originally innovated in Rome by Stefano Callegari, has taken over Tokyo and New York and instantly became a hit. Basically, this pizza is a triangle-shaped cut of focaccia which is sliced enough to expose the stuffed fillings made up of the usual, yummy Roman ingredients like vaccinara oxtail stew and meatballs.

Pizzas in Verona

You may think of pizza as a usual staple and craving-satisfier, but the pizzas in Verona took it to the next level. Renato Bosco and Simone Padoan created the Pizza Gourmet, a combination of pizza and fine dining, perfect for socialites in 5-star restaurants who are also pizza lovers at heart. Each pizza is cut in mini triangles, hand-crafted, and decorated with utmost perfection. The artistic touch is sure to make the mouths of your Instagram followers water.