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Lake Resia

The Lake Resia can be found in Trentino-Alto Adige which is known as a calm area. This place is located on the border between Italy, Austria, and Switzerland.  Besides this beautiful, this place is well-known for its beautiful mountains cape. The Lake is a human-made lake on a mountain that was created in the 16th century. Romanesque Bell tower which came forth from the bottom of the lake is the only reminder of the once busy village of Graun.

Marina De Pisciotta, Campania

This unknown spot is recommended by Lee Marshall who is an author with Telegraph Travel. Although he promised 20 years ago that he would not write about this place, he can’t help recommending this calm place to tourists who want to visit this location that is situated outside Canonic Italian. Pisciotta is known for its not-to-wide roads placed between houses painted in pastel.

Bergamo, Lombardy

Most tourists avoid this spot and prefer to visit Milan which is not far from it. The city is situated at the bottom of the Alps near the Iseo Lake.The Piazza Vecchia served in Bergamo is acclaimed as one of the best in Italy. The Venetian walls cover the famous Piazza Vecchia and the church of Santa Maria Maggiore. A stop at any of the street cafes there will grace you with espresso, while La Siesta on Via Sant’Alessandro is a must visit for ice lovers. The city is also famous for its Polenta e Osei cakes.

Bergamo, Lombardy


This city will take you from your familiar modern life and give you a glimpse into the medieval period. The airport to take you Lucca and Pisa location is just 1 20 minutes train ride away from the City Centre. Just like Bergoma, Lucca city is also a walled city. Leonardo Da Vinci is the person that designed the beautiful wall. You can get an aerial view of this great city and even through the Tuscan on top of the Guinigi Tower. To get a taste of the wonderful Tuscan delicacies like Pasta filled with faro soup, and meat sauce, then you need to walk through Piazza dell’Anfiteatro; don’t forget to try out their signature brown of barley broth. Every October or early November, Lucca plays host to several game conventions and comic conventions, and these attract audiences from all around the world.


Located in the Southern part of Siena and hidden away on the Tuscan hilltop, Montalcino is a must-see for you as a tourist. Although the place is not so favorite, it is the home of vineyards and oil trees. The city is known for its export of Brunello wine, and you can walk through the admirable vineyards and have a taste of excellent wines. Locals, as well as tourists, are seen at night in various eateries waiting to have a feeling of one of the many Tuscan meals like Polenta and wild boar served with fresh tomato sauce. Flying through either Florence or Pisa is the easiest way to get to Montalcino.


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