The Corsa dei Ceri de Gubbio – The Most Important Festa in Italy

Italian festivals mostly rely on historical events, and they include processions where people are dressed in costumes belonging to a different era. There are flag-throwers, fireworks, food, and contests between neighbouring towns. Summer is the festival season and people travelling to Italy in summer may find promotion posters of the […]


Lago di Alviano Experience for Bird Lovers in Umbria

Situated outside Terni and Orvieto is the Oasis of Alviano. This is a beautiful WWF Nature Reserve and natural habitat.  Lago di Alviano in Umbria is the best place for bird watching, but don’t forget to pack the right equipment. You certainly need binoculars, an identification guide, and a notebook. […]


How Spello Celebrates the Famous Corpus Christi

The town of Spello follows a firm Christian tradition on the day of Corpus Christi by covering the streets with flowers. This has been performed with devotion for decades.  When you witness the festivities, the level of artistry and its originality can be felt. However, it is not an internationally […]


Doing the Mardi Gras Carnevale – Italian Style

‘Carnevale’ in Italy is referred to in the US as ‘Mardi Gras’ or carnival. This takes place after Easter. The Carnevale in Italy is a big party just before Ash Wednesday. Lent restrictions and religious observances are followed strictly during the holiday. Therefore, a big event to faze out the […]